Why do we support GLOBAL COMPACT?

Since the establishment of our university in 1996, we have strived to establish the ties between science and "life" on solid foundations, by adopting the principle, "Learn for life, not for school" (Non scholae sed vitae discimus). The educational philosophy we have adopted in Istanbul Bilgi University (BILGI) is to create a university and learning environment which would facilitate raising young people who aim at being productive without being destructive; care about ethics, transparency, accountability and justice; have developed the skills of analysis, questioning and implementation; have big dreams, strong intuitions; learn throughout their lives, constantly improve themselves and think of the notion of sharing along with their wealth.

Our outlook on education, science and life makes us feel the responsibility to continue our journey as an academic institution which has strong ties to the society and high stakeholder awareness. Our work on social sensitivity, which has been an inseparable part of our culture since our establishment, continues to increase with enrichment. In the past two years, BILGI has continued to expand its area of influence in spreading the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, by way of the studies, researches, projects, courses, activities, publications and volunteer work conducted by the centers under its roof. Additionally, we are sharing, in a separate document, our progress on relevant programs within the scope of our integration of the Principles for Responsible Management Education, on a regular basis.

We are glad to share our second document named Communication on Engagement in which we express our commitment to and support of the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.